The Benefits of Taking the NYS Mandated Child Abuse Prevention Workshop

No one would argue that child abuse is a growing problem and it is one that needs to be addressed and dealt with quickly. While much progress has been made, there is still much that can and must be done to protect children from abuse. Training and education of those in contact with children on a regular basis is the single best way to increase reported abuse cases and reduce the frequency and severity of child abuse that is seen. Child abuse prevent training at the state and local level is a primary focus for many officials and it is showing great results in many areas.

Does Child Abuse Identification and Prevention Training Work?

It is great that more focus is being directed on education and training for those who are around children and who work with them often, but the question many people ask is- does it really make a difference? Are these child abuse training programs making a positive impact? The answer is yes, the change in the number and frequency of reports and the number of child abuse and child endangerment cases that get proper intervention and help increases greatly in almost all cases following abuse training workshops. “It is remarkable that educators self-reported making nearly three times as many reports of child sexual abuse in the year after… training, alone or in tandem with Mandated Reporter training, when compared to an estimate of reports made in the year prior to training. This suggests a deficit in knowledge and/or motivation among educators prior to training. The results suggest that training increases the willingness of educators to report cases. An analysis of reporting levels and trends prior to and after training was also conducted. This analysis implies that newly-prepared educators (0-4 years of experience) are significantly more knowledgeable about child sexual abuse and/or motivated to report prior to training than teachers with more experience. However, the number of years of experience had an opposite effect on rates of reporting after educators took training. Educators with five to twenty-nine years of experience reported rates of child sexual abuse significantly above the rates of educators with less experience. However, educators of all experience levels reported increases in reporting rates after training” (Darkness to Light).

What the Results Mean

These reports and survey results are very promising. It means that child abuse training and abuse prevention workshops do make a difference and do help people identify and report abuse cases more readily. This means that the more abuse cases that get investigated early the more children we can save and the more instances of child abuse we can prevent for the future.

When Should You Visit Workshops Express?

NYS mandated child abuse prevention workshops are designed for those who are mandatory reporters and who work closely with children. With this training and information, these individuals are better prepared to car for and protect children they’re in contact with and can more readily identify and report child abuse that they detect. Sign up for a child abuse prevention training workshop now!

You can take these online courses anytime and at your own convenience.  A certificate of completion will be sent directly to your NYS TEACH account or if you prefer we can mail you a copy.

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