What You Need to Know About Earning CTLE Hours

There are any regulations and requirements that have to be met for teachers and school officials to remain certified in New York State. One of the requirements is to maintain proper training and continuing education and to maintain certification status. This is achieved by taking Continuing Teacher and Leaders Education training. The accumulation of enough CTLE hours will satisfy state requirements and will be enough to maintain official certifications. “Classroom teachers, administrative and supervisory personnel, paraprofessionals and pupil personnel service professionals are required to hold a certificate issued by New York State in order to be employed in the state’s public schools. Certificates are issued in a wide variety of titles in each of these three major categories. In addition, New York State also requires that coaches, visiting lecturers and teachers of adult, community and continuing education obtain a special license” (United Federation of Teachers). This is why finding workshops and official training classes is so important in order to get enough CTLE hours to remain certified.

How Many Hours are Needed?

“The 100 hours every five years is a requirement only for those who hold a Professional or Level III Teaching Assistant Certificate. Most new teachers enter the system with a Transitional B or Initial Certificate and will not be eligible for the Professional Certificate until they have been teaching for three years” (United Federation of Teachers). The 100 required hours are to be completed over the course of five years and at last some training must be done each year. Most people try to divide the hours CTLE hours up as evenly as possible each year to make it easier but you can get more hours in some years than others so long as you do some kind of training each year.

State Requirements for NYS CTLE

It is important to maintain state certifications and to ensure your certifications are up to date at all times while you are teaching or while you plan to be working within the education field. “You must have New York State certification to be hired for a full-time teaching position in New York City. The position must match the state certificate. New York City no longer issues a separate paper license, but there is still a license/appointment process that must take place in the DOE computer system once someone is hired. This determines your tenure track and your seniority for excessing and layoff” (United Federation of Teachers). Maintaining the certification is easy as long as you work at it a little at a time and keep working towards logging the necessary CTLE hours.

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