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Monica Salazar-Austin
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The Table of Contents add on can be used to create an outline on a Google Doc with links for each subsection to quickly take the student to that part of the document or page. Students will be able to determine importance and engage with the parts of the assignment that need work.
Paperpile is another helpful add-on. When researching and then writing, students can use Paperpile to keep track of references and add them into a Google Doc. This add-on will help with citations and can be modified to the format required for the assignment. This will help students to be efficient, though it’s still important for them to learn how to write citations independently.
As a teacher, Lucid Chart is another great add-on. This allows for the creation of graphic organizers, which can be used across many different subject areas. Kids can keep track of main idea using boxes and bullets in nonfiction, organize notes in t-charts or flow charts when reading about a Social Studies topic, reflect on the main characters’ traits and feelings in webs, and so forth. This will make it easier as a teacher to provide students with the tools that help to scaffold instruction.