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Monica Salazar-Austin
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When working on group projects, students can share and collaborate on a Google Doc. First, all students can have access to the document easily. Depending on purpose, students can share the doc as edit, comment or view. If everyone is equally contributing to the writing of the project, then it’s best to share as “can edit”. Students can also leave comments for each other on the document if they don’t want to change a partner’s section. The partner can view the comment, reply and resolve. This allows kids to keep an open line of communication with each other. This will absolutely increase engagement and motivate everyone in the group to actively participate in the assignment. As the teacher, I can also be present in the document, leaving feedback, tracking changes, and monitoring participation.

Students can also use the share and collaborate feature on Google Docs when partner revising and editing their writing pieces. Students can share the doc (as “can comment”) with a writing partner. The partner can leave written feedback for the writer, accompanying their oral feedback as well. The writer can then sift through the comments and resolve if necessary. This gives kids the opportunity to learn and grow from each other. This will engage both partners in the writing piece.