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Monica Salazar-Austin
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It will engage students with their learning because they can interact directly with the document. Students can each have their own copy of the lesson or assessment. Then using features on Google Docs they can complete the assignment at their own pace, tailor it to match their learning, and revise/edit easily. It makes the entire experience virtual which appeals to many students. As I mentioned, by working entirely online, students can revise and edit their work easily. This is very appealing to students, since they can make changes without a lot of erasing, getting new papers, etc.

As the teacher, it allows for customized work tailored to the specific needs of your class. It provides a central place for all student work to be saved, which is incredibly helpful as well. You can access your students’ work from anywhere!

Overall it provides flexibility for both the teacher and students, which will increase engagement as well. Kids will also feel a greater sense of independence when completing assignments and take more ownership of their work.