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Monica Salazar-Austin
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Google Slides is incredibly helpful in my teaching. Teachers can create slideshows to go along with their lessons. In the slideshow you can add images, maps, timelines, charts, graphs and more to accompany written text. Important parts of the lesson can be highlighted with a slide to draw students’ attention to and emphasize importance. The Google slides also help students to take notes during certain lessons or to hold onto information across time. Slides can appeal to different types of learners with visual, auditory and interactive components. This will keep students engaged in many different ways.

Kids can also collaborate and work together on a Google slides presentation. For example, if they’re working on a group project about hurricanes then each student can complete one slide for the final presentation. Each slide is dedicated to a different subtopic around hurricanes. Students can upload videos, use pictures, present bullet point notes, section headings and subheadings, link to other sites and more. As students collaborate, they can leave comments for each other, offer help, and work together to make the entire presentation visually pleasing. This is often very exciting for students, especially younger students who don’t work with Google slides often.

Teachers can also share student versions of lesson slideshows with kids. On these slideshows students can access the material taught, find links to other websites, and more. Students can keep copies of slideshows in their Google Classrooms for future use and reference.