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Monica Salazar-Austin
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As a teacher, I can use the add-on “Split Names” to help organize and sort students by first and last name. This helps to keep track of kids alphabetically and by class period. It’s a quick and easy tool to split the data that is already inputted. I can also use the add-on “Remove Duplicates” to make sure that I have not unnecessarily repeated any data. This might be student names, or another piece of data, depending on the purpose of the Google Sheet. Add-ons are meant to save time and make the work more efficient, which will ultimately increase productivity for teachers.

For students, add-ons can also be useful. With the add-on “Doctopus” it allows for the easy sharing of files. This is convenient for kids who can access the files in a central location and edit or upload their work as needed. It will share resources automatically which is both convenient and time-saving, and thus increases productivity for everyone involved.

I appreciate that certain add-ons allow for better organization on both the student and teacher end.