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Monica Salazar-Austin
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The Google Cultural Institute is an amazing resource. Students and teachers can use this resource in so many different ways! Students can become more engaged in their learning by using this resource tool during a unit of study because it introduces them to different aspects of a culture.

For example, if your class is studying a specific country, you can visit the Google Cultural Institute to see their daily digest with a variety of themes and stories that may apply to that country. But if not, students can also research and learn more about that area using the search feature. Students can visit museums and historical landmarks. They can take virtual tours of these places, which is both culturally enriching and exciting.

These sites are also easy to share with students on Google Classroom, which makes it more efficient to use in the classroom with regularity. It can also be introduced as a resource during research projects as well. It’s another entry point into places, events, festivals, etc around the world.