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Monica Salazar-Austin
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Google Classroom is an efficient way to organize and share student work. You can use Google Classroom to share lesson slideshows and resources (pictures, documents, primary sources, videos, etc) with students. Students will then have access to these materials at any point during the school year.

You can also use Google Classroom as the platform to share assignments with students. When you make a copy for each student, everyone has the chance to complete the work independently and submit when ready. As the teacher, Google Classroom organizes all the students’ assignments into one folder with easy access which increases productivity. The teacher can also grade the assignment on Google Classroom and give quick feedback to the student. Families and caregivers can also be attached to the Google Classroom for support.

Students can also engage with learning through the Google Classroom stream. The stream is a place where students can ask questions, post responses, and engage with the material in real time. This supports the learner and creates an online community of learners, even when they’re not physically in the classroom.