Where Can I Find Free CTLE workshops in New York State?

Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) workshops are provided to help teachers and school leaders maintain a current and applicable source of knowledge, tools, ad resources to aid them in their education duties. The goal of these workshops is to add to the knowledge and experience these leaders and educators already have on hand and to make them even better prepared to handle what challenges come their way in the classrooms. CTLE workshops are designed to enhance skill sets and improve the education environments for students and teachers alike.

Where to Get Free CTLE Workshop

Acceptable CTLE workshops training is required by law to be taken from a sponsor approved by the Department. The NSYED has a comprehensive list of New York State providers who are authorized to administer, oversee, and complete CTLE training courses and workshops. “Acceptable CTLE shall be study in the content area of any certificate title held by the individual or in pedagogy and include any required study in language acquisition addressing the needs of English language learners as described in section 80-6.3 of Commissioner’s Regulations. Acceptable CTLE must be conducted through activities designed to improve the teacher or leader’s pedagogical and/or leadership skills, targeted at improving student performance, including but not limited to formal CTLE activities. Such activities shall promote the professionalization of teaching and educational leadership, as applicable, and be closely aligned to district goals for student performance” (NYSED). These listed providers are easily accessible and are found all across New York State so it is easier for teachers and those needing certification and recertification to find a place that provides CTLE workshops nearby.

Minimum Requirements for Hours Completed

CTLE workshops in New York State have specific state requirements and minimums that are necessary to attain and maintain certifications. The biggest and most important of these requirements is maintaining the proper number of hours spent on the recertification and training. The hours needed to get and maintain CTLE certification is set by the state and regulated by the Department of Education. “An adjustment to the CTLE requirement in terms of clock hours and/or the time for completing CTLE, may be granted by the Commissioner provided that the CTLE certificate holder documents good cause that prevents compliance, which shall include any of the following reasons: poor health certified by a health care provider, extended active duty in the Armed Forces, or other good cause acceptable to the Department which may prevent compliance. The Department will not pre-approve adjustments prior to the conclusion of a five-year Registration period” (NYSED).

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