Finding the Best New York State Infection Control Course for Nurses

infection control course for nurses

As part of Section 6505-b of the Education Law, all licensed practical nurses and registered nurses must complete training regarding infection control and barrier precautions when getting their license from the state, and every four years thereafter.

The schedule of a nurse is anything but easy! But if the state requires an infection control certification for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, how can you find a course that you can take on your own time?

Often, the best option for an approved New York State infection control course for nurses is one that is offered online, so whether you have time at the office or home (or even on the bus!), you can easily meet the state’s requirements.

Online infection control certifications for nurses can be taken from any device, and the certificate of completion can be downloaded and emailed as necessary.

The NYS approved infection control course for nurses from Workshops Express gives you that flexibility, along with taking this course at your own pace and completing it without being rushed.

Approved by New York for Nurses

Workshop Express’ infection control certification course for nurses is approved by the New York State Department of Health. The material covered in this course is essential to maintaining safe professional and personal habits to prevent infection transmission. Both registered nurses and licensed practical nurses will apply their knowledge and understanding of preventing infection transmission through the course’s reading materials and exam.

What is Included in the Curriculum?

Here are the topics that are covered in the curriculum of the NYS infection control course for nurses.

  • Adhering to the scientifically approved principles for infection controls.
  • Modes of transmission of pathogenic organisms within healthcare environments.
  • Using proper work practices and engineering methodologies to reduce the exposure to infectious materials.
  • Usage of PPE and other equipment to refrain from coming into contact with infectious materials.
  • Creating and maintaining a safe environment to deliver patient care.
  • Management and prevention of communicable or infectious diseases among healthcare workers.
  • Sepsis awareness.

If you are ready to start your required infection control training for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, trust Workshops Express as your online course provider. Check out the course and contact us if there are any questions!