What are the benefits of becoming a permissive or mandated reporter in PA?

No one with eyes and ears to review new reports or a heart that still beats would argue that child abuse is a growing problem and that it must be stopped as soon as possible. While a lot of good work has been done, there is still much that can and must be done to protect children from abuse. Child abuse prevent training at the state and local level is a primary focus for many officials and it is showing great results in many areas. Here in PA there are many local organizations that offer this training and that are driven to help protect innocent children from abuse and neglect. But when it comes to these training courses there are many benefits that can be seen for children as well as the local communities. The more permissive and mandated reporters there are the more cases that are reported and the more children that can be saved!

Child Abuse Identification and Prevention Training Works!

It is wonderful that further focus is being focused on abuse prevention education and training for those who are around children and who work with them often. However, the one question that gets asked the most by member of the community as well as community leaders is this- Does the training really make a difference and are these child abuse training programs making a positive impact? The answer is yes. After people undergo child abuse prevention training in PA, they are much more likely to notice signs of abuse or neglect and follow through with filing a report with the proper authorities.

The Impact Child Abuse Prevention Training Can Have

A report in 2016 on the Texas Educator Initiative had this to say following state wide training for mandated reporters. “It is remarkable that educators self-reported making nearly three times as many reports of child sexual abuse in the year after… training, alone or in tandem with [local] Mandated Reporter training, when compared to an estimate of reports made in the year prior to training. This suggests a deficit in knowledge and/or motivation among educators prior to training. The results suggest that training increases the willingness of educators to report cases” (Darkness to Light). Similar results can be seen across the country- properly educating people makes it easier for them to recognize and report abuse and neglect!

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If you are someone who spends a lot of time around children or simply want to be able to protect children around you in your local community, sign up today for a Pennsylvania child abuse and neglect prevention training session! Your actions today could help save a child’s life tomorrow and that is something everyone should be on board with!

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