The top 5 reasons you should take your CTLE workshops online

If you are a teacher or other educational procession with special licensing in the state of New York, you are required to maintain certifications in order to be considered a certified instructors. This renewal and recertification are both based on securing 100 or more hours of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education training. The modern age has given rise to a popular new way to get online CTLE workshops and training done. Here are some reasons why online CTLE workshops are a great option:

Conveniently Accessed

Online training is easy to access from just about any device that has internet connections. This means you can review material, take tests, and complete hours or training at home, on your lunch break, or anywhere else you may be. There is no need to set time out of your busy schedule to go sit in a class room for a few hours every day or for several days each month to complete your training.

Work at Your Own Pace

You have greater freedom to work at your own pace. Some training sections may require more tie and focus than others or there may be some sections you want to spend more time on. Working on your own at your own pace online gives you this freedom, something you would never have in a traditional classroom setting. This is just one reason why online CTLE workshops are becoming so popular!

Easy to Review Materials

Like the point mentioned above, online CTLE workshops and training classes are a great option for the busy teacher because it lets you review materials easily. You can repeat certain sections, re-read material, and take practice and review tests before the final reviews. All of this will help you retain and recall the information easily and will make getting through the 100 required hours easier.

Affordable Options and Plans

You also can benefit from greater flexibility when it comes to pricing and training plans. Many online CTLE workshops ae available for free so there is no reason to worry about the cost factor involved with the training and how long it takes you to get your certification hours completed. For teachers who have a lot of other things they are focused on this is one less concern they have to worry about!

Automatic Tracking Services

The final benefit online CTLE workshops offer to teachers in New York State is that they are set up to record hours spent and to track the work each teacher does when he or she signs into the online class. This makes it easier for teachers to make sure they are hitting their targeted hours and are completing the training on track to get their 100 hours by the deadline.

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